About Us

Your Rug & Rugs is the descendent of the 5 generations of carpet experts. Your Rug & Rugs first generated as a small weaving shop in the town of Mobarakeh in Isfahan, Iran and was famous for its excellent service, amazing value and rich quality of rugs. Having a big dream to be a leader in industry, the company worked very hard to expand its services to create the finest quality and unique variety of Rugs. This growth and expansion led to the opening of the company’s first store in central Isfahan. After settling down and getting so much love and appreciation from the customers, the company expanded its services nationwide, and later globally as well. The global business reached to Italy, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, United States and Canada. Out of all the countries, the company selected Canada as a hub of its business. The company started as a wholesale company in 1990 in Toronto, Canada to feed many retailers in different cities of Canada. In the year 2002, the company decided to expand one more time and enter the retail market. Therefore two rug stores “Rug & Rugs” and “Rugs Bazar” opened up. In 2013, Rugs Bazar merged with Rug & Rugs. Today, Your Rug & Rugs owner David continues to serve his customers by educating them in the variety of rugs and being able to find one perfect and suitable for their homes.

YOUR RUG & RUGS is a leading rug supplier of unique rugs at unbeatable prices. Our company has an enviable reputation for excellent service and amazing value. Operated by several generations for the last century and originating in Iran, we have expanded and operated worldwide in countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Iran, Italy, New Zealand and United States. Our only aim is to assist you to find the ideal rug for your home. 
We specialize in a variety of services to suit your home and personal needs as well; cleaning,repair and restoration, designing, consultations, appraisals. Visit our showroom to experience the vast knowledge that has passed through generation to help you find the perfect addition to your home decor.

Daryoush Khodarahmi, also known as David was born and raised in Isfahan, Iran. He always had a keen interest in the field of Rugs and home decor. To know and learn more, he moved to Turkey to seek knowledge history and different types of rugs around the world. After 3 years in Turkey, he moved to Toronto, Canada where he and his father, Bakhtiar, expanded their rug company and opened their first wholesale warehouse in Canada. After further expansions, they opened two locations; one in the Yonge and Lawrence area of Toronto and one in Richmond Hill. David was very well known in the Uptown area for his generous nature and always received praises from the community and schools in the neighbourhood to whom he had donated rugs for foundations. He was a yearly participant in the annual Yonge and Lawrence store window Art Walk, designing the store window to meet the year’s theme and has been placed in the Top 3 multiple years. Due to the deteriorating health of his father, he had to close the Uptown store after 11 years of service in the community and came to assist his father in their Richmond Hill location. Bakhtiar lost his great battle to cancer in September 2016 leaving David with the honour of keeping his father’s dream and legacy alive. Today, David continues to share his passion, love, and knowledge that has been passed down so many years in his family with customers, educating them about the art and history behind these stunning delicate masterpieces. He is very passionate to connect the rug lovers in different parts of the world via variety of internet tools such as blogs and social medias. His goal is to transfer his knowledge and expertise which was passed to him during five generations globally.